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Amidst the surge in consumer health consciousness in the US in recent years, large numbers of Americans have sought to improve their overall health and wellness by changing their diet, resulting in significant changes to the palates of Americans and in turn the food industry. In this environment, debates have raged over the validity of certain health attributes and what to prioritize in a healthy diet, with diverse opinions littering the landscape.


Despite all the recent attention surrounding declining sugar consumption and less frequent indulgence by increasingly health-conscious consumers in the US, the fact nonetheless remains that cravings among consumers for sweet items continue to linger. While Americans are placing an increasing emphasis on their health and avoiding sugary items, interest in indulgence has by no means disappeared, creating new opportunities.

Ingredients play major roles in a wide range of industries. In the packed food & bakery segment, it maintains & improves safety and freshness, taste, appearance and provides texture. Demand for specialty ingredients in processed foods, nutraceuticals, and consumer goods that add value to the by-products are estimated to witness dramatic growth over the next few years. Moreover, a rising population with celiac disease in the country having a preference towards gluten-free foods and others with sensitivity to gluten are some of the major trends that are steering demand in the food & beverage sector.

In the U.S. personal care industry, the relevance of ingredients has increased significantly in the past few years in different sections of cosmetic products, explicitly used for specific purposes to cater to the varying demand. The rising consumer consciousness concerning the use of synthetic chemicals in the cosmetics, toiletries and other homecare products have provided significant opportunities for the market expansion in the country.

The increasing demand for mild products is anticipated to drive the demand for natural ingredients in the personal care & homecare segment over the forecast period. The use of industrial ingredients in oilfield chemicals, pulp & paper chemicals, textile chemicals, lubricant additives, metalworking fluids, and water management chemicals are anticipated to generate the highest demand for these products in the next eight years.

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